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  SND Company is a vigorous and innovative modern enterprise, since its foundation, SND has been committed to R & D, production and marketing of high-quality low-voltage circuit breakers, provided all-around service for electrical equipment industries depending on abundant production experience
Through many years of accumulation, the company now has perfect production and test equipment, as well as first-class staff team and senior technicians, all which not only guarantees the product quality, increases product’s technical content, but also improves our new product development capacity. So far, all our major series have passed the CCC certification, and we are going on strengthening our quality management, actively keeping in line with the international practice, so our products are popular with both domestic and foreign users!
Adhering to the principle of quick and high efficiency, we established stand-ardized and specialized management mode, we always keep moving in making everything more perfect. In order to reform and improve the product quality and system, we take the technical power as our core competitiveness, develop the new through critical assimilation of the old, and try to win largermarket with leading technologies and excellent product quality。
  Customer oriented is our basic service tenet, we have established a considerate customer service system, we keep in touch with our customers regularly and make response in time, customers satisfaction is always what we care for
       In the future development, we will continue as always to promote our enterprise spirit "pragmaticism, development, innovation"let our  enterprise embark on the track of healthy, positive and continuous development




Contact: Lina

Phone: 13868795777

Tel: 86-577 61751301

Email: qianlina520@163.com

Add: Liushi Industrial Zone, Yueqing Zhejiang,China

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